The Average Drywall Repair Cost in 2024 | What to Expect

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Drywall repairs are a common fix for homeowners. The average drywall repair cost can fluctuate due to the nature of the issue. This article will break down the different types of repairs and what makes them more or less expensive. Whether you had a shock of a leak or a picture hanger left behind a hole, this article will give you a heads-up on what to expect in drywall repair prices. So sit back and let’s go!

What is the Average Drywall Repair Cost in 2024?

Fixing drywall damage in Houston with a contractor can vary in cost, but it usually lands around $600. The average drywall repair cost depends more on the specific repair itself. The cost is usually a fixed average price for drywall repair for smaller repairs, like holes that can be covered with a patch. Expect to pay an hourly rate between $60 and $90 for a handyman to fix minor issues.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Drywall Repair

How about fixing a hole in your wall? Drywall repair prices depend on the scale of work required, the kind of drywall damage, geographic location, and the type of repair required. Here’s a quick guide to help you estimate the average drywall repair cost of your project:

Drywall repair materials:

  • Fixing a small hole requires a patch kit (around $7).
  • For bigger repairs, you’ll need drywall sheets (around $13-$24 each), joint compound (mud) for filling ($5 per gallon), and sanding supplies (around $6 each for sandpaper and sanding sponge).

Drywall repair cost per square foot:

Professionals often charge by the square footage of the repair area. A small 2-square-foot drywall damage repair cost can be $100-$170, while a larger 20-square-foot area could set you back $1,000-$1,700.

Average drywall repair cost by type of damage:

  • Simple fixes like patching a small hole or nail pop are inexpensive ($10-$70).
  • Water drywall damage repair cost is the most expensive ($550-$1,600) because it requires replacing damaged drywall and addressing the source of the water leak.
  • Ceiling repairs are more complex due to their location and might cost $230-$1,400.

While some small repairs are manageable as a DIY project, extensive damage or repairs on ceilings are best left to professionals.

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How to Save Money on Average Drywall Repair Cost

Fixing drywall can add up, but there are ways to be smart about it! Here are some ideas to keep your wallet happy:

  1. Catch small problems early before they become major repairs.
  2. Patch minor holes, don’t replace it. It’s cheaper than buying a whole new drywall sheet.
  3. Tackle small repairs yourself to save up on the average drywall repair cost.
  4. In the case of ripped drywall, a primer seal can be used to establish a proper surface for repairs.
  5. Don’t toss out leftover drywall pieces! They can be lifesavers for future small repairs.
  6. Drywall tape strengthens your repairs and prevents cracks from reappearing.
  7. Wet sponge over sandpaper. This might sound strange, but a damp sponge can smooth out drywall repairs quite effectively.
  8. Consider spray foam for small gaps as a quick and easy fix to save up on the average drywall repair cost.

Remember, sometimes shortcuts cost more! If you are not confident with your DIY abilities, it is probably best to get a professional to avoid worsening the situation.

Common Causes of Drywall Damage

Before looking for the average drywall repair cost, it’s important to understand the causes. Drywall is a great building material, but it can get banged up over time. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Leaky pipes. Water can mess up drywall. If you spot a stain or bulging patch, it might be time to call a plumber.
  • Temperature swings cause cracks. Drywall can get a little fussy when things get too hot or cold, or if the air gets humid.
  • Dents! We’ve all bumped into a wall a little too hard.
  • Hanging something heavy? Make sure you use the right kind of anchors for the job. The wrong ones can leave holes behind.
  • As houses get older, the foundation can move a bit. This can sometimes cause cracks or even push out the nails in the drywall.

Each cause of these results in a different damage that needs a certain average drywall repair cost.

When to Call a Drywall Repair Professional

Although people may be tempted to repair everything by themselves, calling Reliable Brothers Remodeling for drywall repairs may be smoother. Drywall repairs may be more complex than people assume, and getting a perfect finish is not easy.

If you are low on time, skills, or patience for a repair project, then hiring Reliable Brothers Remodeling might be your best bet. We can do it fast with quality. Reach out to us for the cheapest average drywall repair price!

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In conclusion, working with a professional can help you save time, avoid stress, and potential future repair.  Professionals will get the job done quickly and flawlessly, leaving you with a smooth, perfect wall. It’s always a good idea to get a drywall repair cost estimate from several drywall repair contractors before making a decision. This will assist you in comparing drywall repair prices and finding a competent contractor with an affordable average drywall repair cost.


How much would it cost to drywall a 1500 sq ft house?

Drywalling a 1500 sq ft house can vary quite a bit, landing somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000 on average. This depends on factors like the type of drywall needed (moisture resistant in kitchens!), ceiling height, and the smoothness desired in the finish.

Is it expensive to fix a hole in the wall?

Fixing a hole in the wall depends on the size of the damage. A small drywall repair cost can be a DIY project for under $50. Bigger repairs involving replacing drywall panels or electrical work will likely need a professional and can run anywhere from $100 to $500.

How long does drywall repair take?

Drywall repair time also depends on the size of the hole. A small patch-up might take a handy homeowner just a few hours. But larger repairs with mudding and sanding can take professional drywallers a full day or more.


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