Commercial Painting

Reliable Brothers Remodeling Company is your trusted partner providing all your needs from commercial painting to commercial remodeling. In order to achieve this, we are aware of the necessity of evolving spaces that are not just beautiful but also practical and convenient as well. From revitalizing your working environment with a fresh new line of paint, be rest assured we have the experience and skill to turn your idea into reality.

Types of Commercial Painting

A wide range of commercial painting projects that are crowned with a strict fidelity to details and low impact on your business operations is what we specialize in at the best renovation contractors Katy tx Reliable Brothers Remodeling. Here’s a breakdown of our services:


  • Interior Painting: By using this type, change the mood or feel of your workspace with the use of bright splashes of colors. It is not a secret we also do ceilings, walls, and door areas for a uniform look.
  • Exterior Painting: This type of painting keeps up a pro exterior appearance installing fade-resistant paint that can handle the outside elements.
  • Specialty Coatings: Are you for instance asking for flame-retardant coatings, epoxy floor paints, or water-resistance coatings in specific zones at all?
    We have the gift of experts in that realm.
  • Murals and Artwork: Anchoring the interior with custom murals or pieces of art implies perfectly your brand identity. Together with talented artists we produce exclusive visual elements for our music product.
  • Signage Painting: For this type of commercial painting, we can protect the safety of our customers and their properties by the usage of professional signage, which will be safe, appealing, and code-compliant.


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Commercial Painting

Reasons to Remodel Your Business

Get in touch with Reliable Brothers Remodeling the best renovation contractors katy tx for an absolutely free consultation today. To determine the reasons of commercial painting and remodeling from this reasons:


  • Outdated Design: Outdated fittings, adornments, and classic designs may make your house seem outmoded. Katy remodeling is great for re-imagining your existing space, and improving use or purpose.
  • Increased Functionality: Is your current layout exhausted, maybe it is time for you to shake up the things?
    We can potentially redraft this area in order to optimize the use of space with higher productivity.
  • Boost Property Value: Well thought aesthetics of the commercial space can increase its value remarkably more.
  • Creating a Dream Space: Take a journey with me to a desired dream shop that has all that luxury you require, or a restaurant that was your dream all through your life and finally any commercial space that you always desired.
  • Improved Accessibility: Make the building’s entryways and openings more convenient with wide door frames, rails, and ramps.

Have a look at the remodeling options from Reliable Brothers Remodeling the best remodeling contractors katy tx which may allow you to customize your space.

Commercial Painting Services: To Create Your Business Profile & Image

If a Reliable Brothers Remodeling the best remodeling contractors katy tx you will entrust katy remodeling of your commercial space, Commercial Painting and you can be sure that it will adhere to standards of the most scrupulous clients and the effect of paint aging will be excluded.

  • Skilled and Experienced Painters: Our expert crew of the best katy contractors who efficiently, indeed, pay attention to details in line will complete every task assigned.
  • Project Planning and Scheduling: Disruption is wherein we minimize it with a site plan and schedule that will compliment yours.
  • Safety First: We stand by safety since it is the main key. We follow the rules and do this work with the right tools.
  • High-Quality Materials: We apply the best paints and coatings in the market sourced from major companies with the premium quality for long-term success.
  • Clean and Efficient Work: Our work criterion is to keep our workspace neat with no interruptions as well as use clean-up methods to ensure our customer experience is of the highest order.
  • Competitive Rates: We claim to use market-based pricing and then, classify it as the most economical option for your capital.

Through dialoguing your vision, a thorough assessment of your area, and by means of a detailed plan and clear estimate we will inform you. Let our design team take care of your Commercial Painting building projects or your dreams.

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