What is the Cost of a Bump Out Addition?

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Everyone wants more space, but how can we all afford the expensive cost of a bump out addition? These valuable extensions add much-needed space by expanding a room outwardly. Bump outs are practical to develop a room, however, the type of expansion depends on the project’s size, complexity, and cost. Managing the expenses starts by preparing the build-out and understanding the process. This article will explore the average cost of a bump-out addition, the factors, and more!


Prepare to Add a Bump-Out Addition to Your Home


Before you start learning about the costs and plan things out, you should consider how to prepare to add a bump-out addition to your home. Here’s a breakdown of what to consider:

  1. The budget and how much you are willing to spend on the cost of a bump out addition
  2. The type of addition you are looking for
  3. Figure out how you’ll pay for the bump-out
  4. Choose how to support the bump-out
  5. Are you going to DIY or will you want to hire a general contractor
  6. Check out what codes and permits apply

Bump-out additions require careful planning to be carried out successfully. Now, we will break down each factor of these for the perfect home addition. Let’s discuss the costs!


Cost of a Bump Out Addition


To answer the main question of the article, the cost of a bump out addition ranges from $85 to $200 per square foot. While the cost varies according to size, specialties, and foundation type, it can cost from $5,000 to $35,000 in total. The price may go higher if plumbing and electrical changes are involved.

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What is a Bump-Out Addition?


A bump-out is what you are looking for to add more elbow room to your house. Bump-out additions are more friendly than adding a whole new room. It can add a little extra space to an existing room, anywhere from a couple of feet to over 10 feet. Here’s why bump-outs are easier on the wallet:

  • A small bump-out can be built off the existing foundation, meaning a lesser cost of a bump out addition
  • Reuse the existing electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems in your house
  • Save on roof materials and construction time by just extending the existing roof overhang

Are you convinced a bump out is what you are looking for? If so, discover the types of these additions first before contacting a contractor.


Types of Bump-Out Additions


Bump-out additions are a great way to add some extra space to your home without the hassle and expense of a major renovation. They work out by creating a bump in the exterior wall to extend a specific area of your house outward. But there can be some variation in how these bump-outs are built and designed. This variation results in a difference in the cost of a bump out addition. The two main types of bump-out additions are determined by their foundation support:


Cantilever a Bump Out addition: 


These bump-outs are essentially hanging off the side of your existing house. They are limited to a depth of 2-3 feet to ensure stability as they are supported by the existing structure. These bump-out addition without foundation are a good option for adding a small breakfast nook in the kitchen or a window seat in the living room. Moreover, these types have a lower cost of a bump out addition than other additions.


Foundation bump-outs: 


This type rests on a new foundation. This allows for a larger bump-out addition compared to cantilevered ones and can even create a new room or expand existing rooms significantly. Foundation bump-outs are commonly used for bathroom expansions to fit a soaking tub or create a walk-in closet in a bedroom.

Each type of addition has a different cost of a bump out addition. Therefore, choosing the right type depends on which one fits your budget. Additionally, the right company can help you save much on costs. That’s exactly where Reliable Brothers Remodeling comes in! Reach out to us for cost-effective additions!


Cost of a Bump Out Addition

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Bump-Out Addition Pros and Cons


In simpler terms, adding a bump-out to your house has its ups and downs. So, what are the bump-out addition pros and cons?


Benefits of building a bump-out addition


  • The cost of a bump out addition is cheaper than building a whole new room
  • Limited change to the look of your house from the outside 
  • No need to install extra heating and cooling systems
  • The new space will flow nicely with the rest of your house since it’s built right in


Cons of building a bump-out addition


  • Not enough value proportionally to what it costs to build
  • Getting necessary permits from the city
  • Could take away some space from your yard
  • The result doesn’t meet expectations


Average Bump Out Cost


On average, expect to pay somewhere between $5,000 to $35,000.


Cost of a Bump Out Addition Per Square Foot


The cost of a bump out addition per square foot of added space can be somewhere between $85 and $200.


Cost to Bump Out a Room by Type


Bumping out a room is a less extensive way to add some extra space to your house compared to a full addition. The cost of a bump out addition can vary depending on the specific room you’re bumping out, but here’s a general idea:


Cost of Kitchen bump-out addition 


The plumbing and electrical work involved in kitchen bump-outs makes it on the more expensive side. The average cost of kitchen addition can be around $80 to $200 per square foot.


Cost of Bathroom bump-out addition


Similar to the cost for a kitchen addition, a bump out bathroom addition can be pricier.

A bump out addition bathroom typically ranges from $80 to $150 per square foot.


Cost of Bedroom bump-out addition


A bump out addition bedroom is generally less complex bump-outs. They can cost around $80 to $150 per square foot.


Cost of Garage bump-out addition 


Garage bump-outs are on the Back House Room Additions of the cost of a bump out addition spectrum because they typically involve less finishing work. They can range from $40 to $100 per square foot.


Cost of Sunroom bump-out addition


Sunrooms are popular bump-out options that can lighten and open up your house. Typically this estimated cost of adding a room to a house is around $85 to $210 per square foot.


Cost of Mudroom bump-out addition 


Mudrooms are a great way to add extra storage and organization to your entryway. 


How much does a mudroom bump out cost?


They typically cost around $80 to $150 per square foot.


Cost of Roof bump-out addition


A roof bump-out addition can add some breathing room to your house. In general, the cost of a bump out addition to these projects runs anywhere from  $4,000 to $30,000.


Cost of family room bump-out addition


Family room bump-outs can add valuable living space. They typically cost around $85 to $210 per square foot.

These are just averages, it’s always best to get quotes from several contractors before making a decision. Reliable Brothers Remodeling can give an accurate, free quote based on your Add-on Rooms to House! Contact us now!


Factors That Influence the Cost to Bump Out a Room


There are two major factors affecting the cost of a bump out addition:

  • The size of your home addition
  • The type of support used

Of course, the smaller the bump out the lower the cost and the lesser support it will need. Meanwhile, a large bump out addition needs more foundation and, therefore costs more money.


What’s the Difference Between a Bump Out and an Addition?


Both bump outs and additions are ways to increase living space in your home, but they differ in size and complexity.


Bump out: 


A bump out is a smaller extension. The cost of a bump out addition is generally less expensive and they are disruptive to build since they involve modifying a smaller area.




On the other hand, an addition is a larger-scale project that can create a whole new room. Additions can be one or two stories tall and require more planning and construction expertise compared to bump outs and naturally cost more.

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Cost of a Bump Out Addition

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Suggested Uses for Bump Outs


A bump out is a way to give your existing home a little breathing room! Instead of a whole new room addition, these clever extensions add just enough space to make a big difference.

Here’s what you can use them for:

  • A new window seat with built-in shelves
  • A new bathtub in your bathroom
  • Extra counter space for appliances or even a cute island in your kitchen
  • A little dining nook
  • Extra breathing room in your bedroom
  • Add a private bathroom or a walk-in closet


Bump-Out Cost Estimator


The bigger you make it, the higher the cost of a bump out addition. Smaller bump-outs can even be built on the existing foundation, which is cheaper than a new concrete base.

Here’s what else can affect the price:

  • The room itself: Kitchens and bathrooms can cost more because you might need new pipes and wires. Living rooms and bedrooms are usually simpler. Garages are pretty basic, so they cost less to bump out.
  • Floors: A bump out addition 2nd floor is harder and takes more time to finalize. So, that one costs more.
  • Extras: Additionally, the sort of stuff you put in the new space adds to the final bill.

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Build a Bump-Out Addition on Your Home


If you are looking for a way to save up on the cost of a bump out addition, you can follow these steps to build a bump-out on your own:


  • Add Temporary Support


Build a temporary wall inside your house, next to the outside wall to hold up the ceiling, walls, and any upper floors.


  • Choose a Cantilever or a New Foundation


You can cantilever your bump-out by extending it out from the existing wall without any support underneath. Or, if you want a bump-out with a solid foundation, we’ll need to dig out some dirt and build a base for it, following all the local building codes. Keep in mind, the cost of a bump out addition is lower in cantilevered bump-out additions.


  • Get Rid of the Wires and Plumbing


Before we take down the wall, we’ll need to expose the electrical wires and plumbing. You might need to cut and reroute some wires. For plumbing, you’ll set things up temporarily so they’re ready to be connected later. Adding plumbing and wires will raise the cost of a bump out addition.


  • Replace the Wall


Once the wall is gone, you’ll put in a strong support beam made of special wood or doubled-up lumber to take its place and create the new opening.


  • Building Up the Floor


You’ll add beams and then put down a sturdy plywood base. The walls for your bump-out will be built outside, and it’s important to note that the ceiling might be a bit lower than the rest of your house because of the support beam we installed earlier.


  • Time to Build the Roof


Depending on the size of your bump-out, we might build a simple, slanted roof that leans away from your house.


  • Finish Up by Installing Siding, Drywall and Insulation


Once the structure is complete, it’s time to cover it with sheathing and siding, then add insulation. Finally, it’s time to put up drywall inside and paint it.

These are all of the steps to save up the cost of a bump out addition and do it yourself. However, is DIYing a bump out a good choice, or hiring a pro is better?


DIY vs. Hiring a Pro to Bump Out a Room


Bump-out additions are a great way to gain some space without the hassle of a major renovation. They’re smaller versions of full-scale additions.

Normally, it’s best to hire pros such as Reliable Brothers Remodeling to handle the whole bump-out project, from planning it out to building it. But if you’re a handy homeowner and have the right tools, you might be able to tackle the interior finishing yourself after the pros build the main structure. This can be a good way to save on the cost of a bump out addition, especially for bathrooms and kitchens.


Cost of a Bump Out Addition

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Do I Need an Architect for a Bump-Out Addition?


Even if you go the DIY route for the inside, you’ll likely still need stamped drawings by an architect or engineer. Safety first! 

If you are worried about the high cost of a bump out addition, then consider contacting Reliable Brothers Remodeling! We provide a detailed cost estimate and affordable services suited for all budgets!

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How Can a Bump Out Add Significant Space?


Imagine a small dent pushed outwards on your home’s wall. That’s essentially a bump-out! Moving a few feet outward can generate a lot more space within living areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

How Far Can You Bump Out Without Foundation?


The distance you can bump out without needing a new foundation depends on your soil conditions and the weight of the bump-out itself. In general, for lighter bump-outs, you might be able to extend 3-4 feet without needing a whole new foundation. However, to get the safe limit, you should turn to a professional engineer.


Is a Kitchen Bump Out Worth It?


Kitchen bump-outs are a popular choice for a reason! They can be a good and profitable investment. Sometimes it is only necessary to add a few feet to provide enough space for a larger island, better working space, or breakfast area. This can significantly enhance the use of your kitchen and the property’s value.


How Big Can a Bump Out Addition Be?


Bump-outs are typically on the smaller side compared to full additions. They are often from 3 to 10 ft in terms of depth and width. Although they cannot build an entirely new room, they are ideal for increasing the space in existing areas of a home.


Do You Need a Foundation for a Bump Out Addition?


Not always! Bump-outs that are a few feet from the main structure and constructed using light material could rest on the foundation present. Larger or heavier bump-outs may necessitate a new foundation to ensure that they will be properly supported.


What is a Bump Out Structure?


A bump-out is a small extension added to your home by essentially pushing out a section of the exterior wall. It creates additional square footage on the inside of the house. They are mostly applied in kitchens and bathrooms but can also be installed in other rooms of the building.


How Far Can You Cantilever a Bump Out?


Cantilevering refers to resting the bump-out extension from supporting beams that are placed on the existing structure. In essence, the distance you can cantilever is determined by the weight of the bump-out and the beam strength. It is generally allowed only in shorter extensions.


Why You Should Build a Bump-Out Addition?


Bump-out additions are ideal to give your house more space without necessarily having to go through a complete reconstruction. They are perfect for adding more usable space in zones such as kitchens or bathrooms while being in harmony with your house.


Is It Cheaper to Add an Addition Up or Out?


Building an addition upwards, like a second story, will cost more since it entails work on a higher level of the structure. Bump-outs, however, are comparatively much less expensive, in terms of construction and the kind of material required, as a method of gaining additional area.


Can You Put a Bathroom in a Bump Out Addition?


Absolutely! Bump-outs are a great way to add a new bathroom, especially a half-bath, to your home. Since plumbing is already likely nearby in an existing bathroom or kitchen, it can be easier to extend for a bump-out than in other areas of the house.




Finally, if you are feeling cramped in your house but don’t want a huge, expensive renovation. A bump out is a great way to solve that! The cost of a bump out addition is affordable since it is a small extension to a room, built outwards. It’s much easier and faster than a full-on addition, and an architect can help you plan it out to save money and avoid a lengthy construction mess.

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