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Countertops Replacement is designing a key functional element and an aesthetic feature of any bathroom, providing ample working space and achieving a prominent role. If your bathroom countertops are outdated, damaged or it’s beginning to belize to your style, then changing it by Reliable Brothers Remodeling will make your bathroom look renewed.

Types of Countertops Replacement Materials

Reliable Brothers Remodeling the best contractor for home renovation Katy tx provided a variety of countertops replacement service options that are customized to match your specific requirement at budget. Here’s some popular countertop materials, each with its unique advantages: 

  • Ceramics: The ceramic ware is such a timeless invention which features augends such as heat resistance, strength, and beauty which make it different from most types of materials used to make tableware. Being handcrafted from the unique stone, the surface of our countertops comes in different colors that would not exist on any other.
  • Quartz: There was an engineered stone that was marketed for its versatility in allowing more variations concerning shades and patterns. Quartz is one of the most durable and non-porous surfaces available. Therefore, stains and scratches have little to no impact.
  • Marble: A relatively rare luxurious material which has a friendly texture as well as simply gorgeous, eternal veins. Marble is demanding because it is easily scratched and spotted by the acids and chemicals of coffee, foodstuff, vegetables, or the salt content is other solutions; hence the maintenance can be more complicated or even more expensive.
  • Quartzite: This is an inherent rock that also shows as strong as granites in aesthetics as an added functional dimension. Much less colorful option than quartz if one chooses quartzite. It may be great for people who prefer the simple clean, but they will be restricted in their color options.
  • Soapstone: An naturally dark stone which is valued for its velvety effect, an ability to withstand consistent physical and chemical attack and heat as well as be a deterrent to bacterial growth. From time to time, soapstone just needs to be oiled to look maxim like new.
  • Laminate: Budget-friendly which is very good for all to be available in different designs and colors. The longevity of laminate is not on par with that of natural stone and quartz, although, if low to medium use is expected of the laminate, it is a good option for bathrooms.

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Reasons to Replace Your Bathroom Countertops

Just say goodbye to your countertops, bathroom-style when it’s getting in the way for this reasons:


  • Outdated Style: Countertops replacement on a project is a very important design feature in Katy tx home remodeling. Switching the old countertop for a new one not only updates the bathroom or is a whole but it can reduce the time taken to clean up the bathroom.
  • Damage: You can lose a touch of class in your bathroom from having cracks, chipping or stains on your existing needed countertops. Renewal brings a new beginning, it is a new start.
  • Improved Functionality: As for new naturally stones countertops you can select different models with an undermount sink or integrated backsplash, or simply add additional storage options.
  • Increased Value: An auction of your dream kitchen worktop might reasonably add weight to your home’s marketability.

Boost your countertop and stylize it in order to display a very useful and great looking piece of bathroom remodeling Katy by Reliable Brothers Remodeling center the best home remodeling companies Katy tx.

Reliable Brother Remodeling: Your Countertop Replacement Experts

Eminently Reliable Brothers Remodeling is the best contractor for home renovation Katy tx to trust for your bathroom countertop replacement. We offer a variety of services of Katy tx home remodeling to ensure a seamless experience:

  • From here on, we will collaborate with you on your bathroom’s vision, we will do an in-home assessment and recommend countertops material to match your needs on style and budget.
  • We do not only have a wide selection of countertop materials, you can also pick your preferred look through our array of colors and patterns.
  • The installation process of our skilled craftsmen will show all the nuances and they will make sure it is at a high level, leveled and sealed for a clean finish.
  • Seamless integration of your new countertop with your existing cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, and backsplash takes place once you hire us. It is our mission and objective to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your room.
  • We guarantee that you will get a bathroom cleaned using only the best cleaning supplies, and together we will create a convenient care and maintenance plan.

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