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Reliable Brothers Remodeling is a professional remodeling company that gives comprehensive demolition services to start-off your dream convictions, which basically revamps your existing space. There are several cases when moving to a new home is a necessary option. We provide all the demolition work necessary.

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Types of Demolition

Reliable Brothers Remodeling company the best general contractor katy offers types of demolition:

  • Selective Type: This is the process whereby targeted parts are taken off the structure with the aim of maintaining the rest of the unit intact. It is particularly effective for projects such as kitchen remodeling, or bathroom renovation, as the room can be treated as a canvas and you can create a more open floor plan.
  • Interior Type: This would ensure stripping off of the inner components from a building thus getting rid of items like walls, ceiling, flooring and fixtures. Scaffolding is usually the most common. This might be put before a total interior Katy home remodeling.
  • Total Type: For a Total Gutting approach, everything is to be removed. This service comes in useful when a development where a new building will be replaced with/by the same structure on the same site takes place.
  • Soft Type: The part of the clean-up that requires the removal of all non-structural components comprises stainable surfaces, flooring, cupboards and sanitary fixtures.
  • Deconstruction: An emphasis is put on calibrated pulling apart materials to reuse for constructing new buildings using elements such as bricks, timber, and fittings. This alternative is more sustainable which could be exploited afterward in future job opportunities or even offered to be sold.

Have Reliable Brothers Remodeling the best general contractor katy come around your address. We will find out your needs, discuss your objectives and will prepare a plan which will contain budget, time lines and details of work.

When thinking about demolition as an option or doing it yourself?

Katy home remodeling can be as heavy as weightlifting, right? However, having a reliable partner to do this job is a far better option. At Reliable Brothers Remodeling, we take pride in our reputation for efficient and cost-effective demolition.

  • Safety First: On each project, our priority, without doubt, is customers’ safety. Our demolition team all underwent training that is in line with the safety programs, further they have been certified in the safe demolition practices.
  • Efficiency and Minimized Disruption: We are informed that the task of finishing the job of demolition out fast as well as ordinary should be our priority. There should be a little disruption in your property and surroundings.
  • Environmentally-Conscious Practices: Whenever we can, we prefer deconstructing methods that help to save landfills and enhance the sustainability level. In addition, we can also assist you evaluate the recyclable content for salvaged materials.
  • Clear Communication and Transparency: Our task is to give special attention to your case to design a detailed removal plan. In addition, we will also ensure you are kept apprised about the course of the process from the beginning to the end.
  • Competitive Pricing: We would provide not only competitive pricing but also a fair rate that stands out among our competitors within the same domain.

Call on Reliable Brothers Remodeling the best general contractor katy and get your project streamlined for the final outcome you envision.

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