Door Replacement

Thinking about sprucing up your home’s entrance or replacing those outdated interior replacement doors? Reliable Brothers Remodeling can be your trusted partner for all this! We offer a variety of door types, cater to various reasons for replacement, and provide exceptional remodeling services to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience.

The Importance of Door Replacement

Thinking about giving your house a makeover? Old replacement doors might be just the thing! Here’s why:

  • Boost Your Home’s Value: Invest in some gorgeous new doors, and when it’s time to sell, those doors practically pay for themselves! If you were to resell your home, the value you gain from replacing the doors can cover the cost or even earn you a profit.
  • Welcome Curb Appeal with Open Arms: Let’s face it, curb appeal matters. From the many available colors, styles, and designs you will surely find a door replacement that reflects the spirit of your house. It will make your place the envy of the neighborhood!
  • Feel Safer and Sounder: New doors aren’t just about looks, they’re about security too. Replacing those old, flimsy ones with something stronger provides peace of mind, knowing your family and belongings are better protected.
  • Save on Energy Bills: Drafty old doors can suck the energy right out of your wallet. The brand new sturdily door replacement will help you retain the warm air during winter as well as the cool air during summer. Therefore they will prevent you from massive heating and cooling expenditure.

Now, the door to all these benefits lies in picking the best remodeling company in Katy. Look for someone certified and experienced, like Reliable Contractors Reliable Brothers Remodeling company. We’ll make sure your doors are installed perfectly, following all the guidelines, so you can enjoy the upgrade for years to come.

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Types of Door Replacements

Is your front door looking like it belongs in a haunted house? Maybe your patio door keeps getting stuck halfway open? Reliable Brothers Remodeling Contractor can help! We specialize in replacing all sorts of doors, so your home can be secure, stylish, and functional again.

  • Exterior Doors: Your entry points deserve to look good and keep you safe. We offer a wide variety of exterior door replacement, from secure front doors with extra deadbolts to stylish side and back doors.
  • Replacement Patio Doors: Are those old, drafty patio doors bringing down your home’s vibe? We can swap them out for gorgeous new sliding glass doors that glide effortlessly open, letting in tons of natural light and giving you a clear view of your outdoor space.
  • French Doors: In case your French doors are not in the best shape, we can repair them. We have a fantastic selection of modern French doors, perfect for maximizing natural light and creating a bright and airy feel in your home.
  • Security Doors: Feeling a little uneasy about your home security? We hear you. Our new security door replacement is designed to resist all kinds of attacks with added elements that make it difficult to climb over.
  • Big Doors: Want to create a truly open indoor-outdoor living experience? We can install massive doors that span up to 40 feet wide, perfect for bringing the outside in.

Feeling Unique? We Do Custom Too!

Can’t find a door that perfectly matches your vision? No problem! We also offer custom door replacement, designed to meet your exact specifications.

Why Choose Reliable Brothers Remodeling for Door Replacement & Installation in Katy?

We understand that a door replacement project can seem daunting. That’s why Reliable Brothers Remodeling Contractor provides comprehensive services to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • We know Katy’s doors! Our experts can replace any door in your home, from your front door to your patio slider. 
  • We’ll help you find the ideal door replacement that fits your style and budget and further ensure that it is perfectly installed.
  • Looking for an affordable option? We get it! That’s why Reliable Brothers General Contractor Katy offers a variety of doors to fit your budget, without sacrificing quality. 
  • Our choice of materials is the best, hence your new door replacement will last for years and look fantastic at the same time.

Over the years, we have been installing beautiful, functional doors, windows, and siding. We have a huge selection of replacement doors in stock, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Contact us now and request a quote!

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