20 Old House Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

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Let’s face it, having an outdated small kitchen can be depressing. An old house small kitchen remodel can go a long way in refreshing your whole home. However, kitchen renovations can be expensive. But no worries! It’s possible to freshen your old small kitchen up and give it a new splendor without going over budget with considerable effort and more planning. This article is full of money-saving, contemporary inspiration and good advice on how to transform your drab kitchen into the tasteful and trendy room of your dreams.

Understanding Your Old House Small Kitchen Remodel

Before beginning the old house small kitchen remodel design ideas, evaluate the current state of your kitchen. Take measurements of the dimensions including doors, windows, and appliance placements. Consider the current layout – is it a galley kitchen, L-shaped, or should you go for a modular home kitchen remodel? This is the time to point out any difficulties, for example, awkward corners, lack of space, or low ceilings. This information will be crucial when crafting your dream kitchen remodel for a small kitchen.

Old House Small Kitchen Remodel

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20 Old House Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Does your charming old house present a challenge: a small kitchen yearning for a functional and stylish upgrade? Don’t hesitate to explore these narrow kitchen remodel ideas:

Declutter for a Fresh Start:

Free tip! Sort through your kitchen and get rid of anything broken, expired, or unused. Donate what’s still good, and enjoy the extra space! This can make a surprising difference.

Embrace What You Have:

Is your kitchen a bit rustic or retro? That’s in style! Embrace it with vintage features or traditional elements for your old house small kitchen remodel.

Simple Hardware Swap:

Update your cabinet pulls and knobs for a more modern narrow kitchen remodel.

Paint Power:

Painting your cabinets is cheaper than replacing them. Light colors give the impression of a bigger space while dark shades give character. You can even just paint a section, such as the island, to upgrade the space for less money.

Backsplash Boost:

Add a backsplash with self-sticking tiles if you have a do-it-yourself spirit that wants to be heard. Incorporate recycled wood or repurposed tiles for increased creativity.

Light Up Your Old House Small Kitchen Remodel:

Replace old or dull fixtures with stylish, modern ones. For bright task lighting, think about energy-efficient LED lights. Expand your choices beyond pendants like under-cabinet lighting or an eye-catching chandelier for a narrow kitchen remodel.

Open Up with Open Shelving:

Open shelving can help to make a small kitchen feel more open and airy. Just be sure to keep your shelves clutter-free. Replace some cabinets with open shelves to create a more open feel and showcase your dishes.

Revamp Your Sink Area:

Replace the faucet, add a stylish soap dispenser, and recaulk the sink for a clean and updated look without a big spend.

Organize your cabinets:

Well-organized cabinets will help you to make the most of your space and make it easier to find what you need. Invest in some shelf organizers and drawer dividers.

Countertop Refresh:

Countertops can make a big impact in a kitchen. If you can’t afford to replace your countertops entirely, consider resurfacing them with concrete, epoxy, or laminate. If the countertops appear worn out, you can refinish them either by repainting, restaining, or even resurfacing them.

Flooring Options:

Replace your floors with cheap vinyl or laminate flooring. If that’s not in the budget, add a washable rug to hide wear and tear.

Wall Art Personality:

Use the empty walls to hang artwork or framed family recipes for a personal touch. Search for items found at thrift stores or look for cheaper nature pictures. And use a pop of color that can add personality and interest to your kitchen. Paint an accent wall, or add colorful accessories.

Unexpected Touches:

Add a large mirror to make your old house small kitchen remodel feel bigger, a floor lamp for extra light, or even a comfy chair to create a social hub in your kitchen.

Window Treatments:

Upgrade your windows with roller blinds, woven shades, or cafe curtains. This provides seclusion, control of light, and great aesthetics. They are a good option for kitchens because they are easy to clean and won’t block natural light.

Upgrade Your Seating:

Upgrade the worn-out bar stools with comfortable, fashionable options for guests to sit around. Look for deals or refinish your existing ones.

Bring in the Greenery:

A touch of life and beauty can be added by including plants and flowers in your kitchen. Some low-maintenance plants for your kitchen include herbs and succulents.

These ideas will help you get a refreshing old house small kitchen remodel and make it feel new again, all without breaking the bank.

Paint your cabinets. 

Re-painting the kitchen cabinets could be the solution since it offers an opportunity to shift the look of your kitchen to a whole new level. Choose a pastel color to create the illusion of space in the particular room.

Consider a stick-on tile floor: 

If you are thinking of giving your kitchen floor a new look then stick-on tiles can be installed without any need of hiring contractors.

Update your countertops:

When it comes to the kitchen, countertops play a vital role, not only in functionality but in the look of the room as well. If you cannot believe in the new countertops, there are possible ways to refinish your countertops, in which you may use concrete, epoxy, and laminate.

Organize your cabinets:

Accordingly, properly arranged cabinets will assist you in organizing your things more effectively and knowing where to look for essentials. Buy some shelf organizers and drawer dividers to help bring the areas in order.

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Old House Small Kitchen Remodel

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Final Thoughts

With a dash of creativity and these inspiring ideas, your old house small kitchen remodel can become a reality. By making the most of the limited space, utilizing storage solutions, and making the kitchen as personal as possible, you can turn your small kitchen into a functional and stylish one. Well, gather your tools or contractor’s phone number and let the transformation of this cute little kitchen begin!


How do I redo my small kitchen?

Renovating a small kitchen is all about ensuring that the available space is utilized in the best way possible! First, take dimensions and draw a plan to check if the movement of appliances improves a notion of an ideal ‘work triangle’. Cabinet organizers, hooks, and floating shelves are some additional features for smart storage solutions. Make the kitchen look bigger by sticking to light and bright colors on walls and cabinets.

How much should I budget for a small kitchen?

Budgeting for a kitchen remodel for small kitchen depends on how much you change. While it’s a great idea to seek quotes from contractors, don’t forget to factor in DIY jobs.

How do you update an old small kitchen?

Small updates like swapping the cabinet pull, repainting tired-looking tiles, and creating a fresh new backsplash can work wonders.

Can you put a modern kitchen in an old house?

Absolutely! It is possible to incorporate modern kitchens into old homes easily. The key is to balance the new with the old and create a charming blend of old and new.


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