A new layer of painting can change your home fundamentally from the inside and out. It’s a relatively affordable way to breathe new life into your space, increase your curb appeal, and even protect your property. However, enjoying the benefits of painting doesn’t come at the hands of anyone. Reliable Brothers Remodeling offers a variety of painting services to suit your needs and style.

Reasons for Painting Your Interior and Exterior

Looking to give your home a makeover by Reliable Brothers Remodeling? Painting goes way beyond just a pretty color. Ready to find out why a fresh coat of paint whether inside or out is a good thing for you and your home?

Boost your Mood and Sleep:

Let yourself be lulled by a tranquil bedroom in an elegant shade of your choice. Painting can create a peaceful haven for relaxation.

Breathe Easy:

Dust, grime, and allergens can lurk on your walls. Painting helps clear these out, creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Say Goodbye to Moisture Monsters:

Accumulation of moisture often leads to disaster within the confines of your house. Painting helps manage it, preventing damage and keeping your home healthy.

More than Just Color:

A professional paint job is like magic! It hides minor imperfections like bumps or cracks, making your walls look brand new. Also, it can brighten up a room to make it look larger or smaller, depending on the color you picked.

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Curb Appeal that Sells:

A new coat of paint, and some simple repairs, and you can easily raise your selling price. It’s a great investment – you get a lot of bang for your buck compared to other renovations.

Pride of a Trendy Makeover:

There’s nothing quite like pulling up to a beautifully painted home. It generates a feeling of pride and leaves a good impression on the guests. Want your home to stand out on the block or seamlessly blend in? Painting allows you to follow popular design trends and achieve a modern transformation for your exterior.

Early Detection is Key:

Painting often uncovers minor repairs needed on your siding. Correcting these little defects from the beginning is meant to cut down on future large ones.

Therefore, whether you just want to improve your mood, give your home a stylish upgrade, or maybe even boost its value, painting is a great option! 


Reliable Brothers Construction General Contractor Katy TX offers interior painting services to refresh your home. Our painting services also cover painting your decks, fences, patios, and other exterior features, to give your entire property a cohesive and neat look.

Reliable Brothers Remodeling: More Than Just a Paint Job

While painting is a core service we offer, Reliable Brothers Remodeling, one of the best construction companies Katy TX, is your one-stop shop for all your home remodeling construction needs. Here’s why you should choose us for your next home remodel Katy TX project:

  • We apply the right techniques for a flawless result. From picking the perfect color to meticulous application, we’ll transform your home or business interior or exterior.
  • We use only the best lead-free paints and equipment, meticulously maintained by our experienced crew.
  • Also, we don’t just paint walls, we create the space you’ve been dreaming of. We will be standing next to you, learning the depth of your desires, and the colors, and shades that will satisfy your expectations.
  • We offer competitive rates to fit any budget, whether you need a simple repaint or a full-blown home remodel Katy TX.

Contact Reliable Brothers Construction General Contractor Katy TX today! We grant free consultations to establish your project vision and provide a thorough estimate. Let’s work together to create a home you love!

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